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    DuPont International Operations Sàrl

    2, chemin du Pavillon


    +41 22 7175525

    Improve Polymer Performance with Resin Additives DuPont™ Entira™ is a family of resin additives and modifiers used to improve performance of other plastics, often enabling significant gains in manufacturing productivity or finished goods performance. Adding or blending just a small amount of Entira™ resin additives and modifiers may achieve good results. Entira™ resin additives can improve the physical properties of plastics or improve their processability. These resin additives can often create end-use application advantages such as better adhesion, improved anti-static behavior, or more resistance to scratching or marring. DuPont™ Entira™ AS Grades of Entira™ AS are available to confer antistatic performance on a variety of polymers in food and non-food contact approved applications. Entira™ AS grades ensure long-lasting anti-static dissipation for your demanding packaging needs. From cosmetics to industrial goods to sensitive electronic components, only Entira™ AS provides permanent antistatic performance with superb aesthetics, clarity, non-yellowing, dust-free protection, without modification.